Thermodynamic Phase Transition and Joule Thomson Adiabatic Expansion for dS/AdS Bardeen Black Holes with Consistent 4D Gauss-Bonnet Gravity

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1 Faculty of Physics, Semnan Universiy, Semnan, Iran, 35131-19111

2 Faculty of physics, Semnan University

3 Faculty of physics, semnan university,

4 Faculty of Physics, semnan university


Instead of the work \cite{1} given by Glaven and Lin in which in according to the Lovelock theorem it is not applicable for all types of 4-dimensional curved spacetimes of Einstein Gauss Bonnet gravity, authors of the work \cite{2} applied breakdown of diffeomorphism property to present a consistent
Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity theory in 4-dimensions. In this work we use the latter model by adding an Ayon-Beato-Garcia type of nonlinear electromagnetic field Lagrangian density to study effects of Gauss-Bonnet coupling constant on the thermodynamic phase transition and Joule-Thomson adiabatic expansion of a 4-dimensional de Sitter/Anti de Sitter Gauss-Bonnet-Bardeen black hole. In fact we will see importance of parameters of this black hole namely the magnetic charge and the Gauss Bonnet coupling constant parameter on its heating-cooling phase transition. Physical importance of this type of black holes is non-singular property which they have and are applicable to study black hole structure of center of galaxies.