The Role of Thermal Conduction in Accretion Disks with Outflows


1 Department of Physics,School of Sciences,University of Mashhad, (FUM) 91775-1436,Iran; Department of Physics, Khayyam Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran

2 Department of Physics,School of Sciences,University of Mashhad, (FUM) 91775-1436,Iran


In this work we solve the set of hydrodynamical equations for accretion disks in the spherical coordinates (r,θ,ϕ) to obtain the explicit structure along θ direction. We study a two-dimensional advective accretion disc in the presence of thermal conduction. We find self-similar solutions for an axisymmetric, rotating, steady, viscous-resistive disk. We show that the global structure of an advection-dominated accretion flow (ADAFs) is sensitive to viscosity, advection, wind and thermal conduction parameters. We discuss how the radial flows, meridional velocity, rotation velocity, sound speed and density of accretion flows may vary with the advection, thermal conduction and wind parameters. We will find that the radial velocity in nearby the equator, angular velocity and sound speed decrease by increasing the thermal conduction parameter and meridional velocity increases by increasing it.