Geomagnetic Field E ect over Azimuth Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays via Study of Primary Particles


1 Department of Physics, Amirkabir University of technology, P.O.Box 15875-4413, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Physics, Sharif University of technology, P.O.Box 11155-9161, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Physics, Khajenasir University of technology, Tehran, Iran


Geomagnetic field is a one of the candidates for creation of anisotropy in azimuth distribution of extensive air showers over the entered cosmic rays to the atmosphere. Here we present the question: Is there any azimuth anisotropy flux in the upper level of the atmosphere due to the geomagnetic field over the entered cosmic-rays? The obtained answer is: yes. This investigation showed an agreement with a similar functionality to the experimental results, but its amplitude is smaller. We calculated the effect over the primary protons and alpha particles with consideration of their abundances, and found that this effect by itself is not as large as the expected value of experimental results. Therefore we need to investigate the secondary particles for the next step. But for a real simulation of extensive air showers, it is necessary to be applied this anisotropy flux as a seed for the secondary particle in the next step.



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