Solar Mini-Dimming Kinematics and Their Positive Correlations with Coronal Mass Ejections and Prominence


Department of Physics, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran


Solar mini-dimmings can be detect in the Extreme Ultra-Violet coronal eruptions. Here, sequences of 171_A images taken by Solar Dynamic Observatory/Atmospheric Imaging Assembaly on 13 June 2010 are used. In this special day, both of coronal mass ejection and prominence were observed. The average velocities and accelerations of 500 mini-dimmings which were detected using on feature based classifier (Alipour et al 2012) [1] are studied. The large number of mini-dimmings shows positive accelerations in the beginning times as similar as Coronal Mass Ejections. On the the start time of prominence eruptions, the number of mini-dimmings is increased to a maximum values. There is a positive correlation between the kinematics of mini-dimmings and both CME and prominences. This study can be extended to understand the exact relationship of CMEs and mini-dimmings.



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