Downward and Upward Propagating Magneto-Acoustic Waves Over a Solar Limb Prominence

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of physics, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, P.O.Box 45371-38791

2 Faculty of physics, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


Prominences are cold and dense chromospheric material suspended in the solar atmosphere with the support of coronal magnetic fields. Oscillatory behavior of a limb core prominence is studied in the AIA 171, 193, 211, 335, and 94 \AA\ passbands of AIA aboard SDO. Vertical oscillations with periods of 34.8, and 40.0 minutes with velocity amplitudes
of 4.6, and 5.2 $\rm km/s$ are obtained over the prominence core structure in the all studied channels. These long period oscillation started 54 minutes before an external flare eruption starts to develop over the north side of the studied core prominence, and continued for about two hours. Wave fronts from the Flare Eruption (FE) might be the exciter of these long period oscillation over the entire core prominence. Propagating upward and Downward slow magneto-acoustic waves with velocities in the range of 11.3 to 24.2 $\rm km/s$ are observed over the upper and lower boundaries of the prominence. The multiple rapidly heating and cooling effects, with the time scales less than one minutes, are observed over the propagating peak intensities, which might be the response of the plasma before reaching to a thermal balance between the injected heating flux (through the wave fronts of the FE) and heating loss flux through conduction, radiation, and viscosity.