Cherenkov Radiation in Uniaxial and Biaxial Anisotropic Media

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Physics‎, ‎Faculty of Science‎, ‎Imam Khomeini International University‎, ‎P.O.Box 34148-96818‎, ‎Qazvin‎, ‎Iran


Cherenkov radiation is one of the problems in light- matter interaction that can be opened new ideas in quantum electrodynamic. A quantum mechanic approach is presented for Cherenkov radiation of a moving atom in uniaxial and biaxial anisotropic medium. A moving particle in a medium emits Cherenkov radiation when its speed be larger than the phase velocity of light in the medium. The electromagnetic field is quantized in the anisotropic media, using maxwell and related constitute equations, phenomenologically. The Cherenkov radiation for an moving charged particle in the anisotropic medium with arbitrary real permittivity tensor is obtained. The dielectric structure can be changed the Cherenkov radiation. For uniaxial media, we give a close form of the Cherenkov radiation for arbitrary dipole alignment. In this manner, the Cherenkove radiation of the biaxial media is calculated.. It is shown the Cherenkov radiation in an isotropic medium can be obtained from the form of an anisotropic medium.


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