Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2016 
1. Estimating the continuum of quasars using the arti cial neural networks

Pages 1-13

Fatemeh Jafari; Alireza Aghaee; Seyed Masoud Barakati

2. Variations in the sky brightness during a lunar eclipse

Pages 15-24

Cristian Goez Theran; Santiago Vargas Domnguez

3. A study on Ca II 854.2 nm emission in a sunspot umbra using a thin cloud model

Pages 25-45

H. Hamedivafa; M. Sobotka; L. Bellot Rubio; S. Esteban Pozuelo

6. The Effect of Solar Particles in the Choice of Alloy Shielding in a Satellite

Pages 65-72

Zahra Bagheri; Pantea Davoudifar; Ali Ajabshirizadeh; Milad Shayan