Super algebra and Harmonic Oscillator in Anti de Sitter space

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Physics, Islamic Azad University-Nour Branch, Nour, Iran

2 Department of Physics, Isalmic Azad University-Nour Branch, Nour, Iran



The harmonic oscillator in anti de Sitter space(AdS) is discussed. We consider the harmonic oscillator potential and then time independent Schrodinger equation in AdS space. Then we apply the supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics approach to solve our differential equation. In this paper we have solved Schrodinger equation for harmonic oscillator in AdS spacetime by supersymmetry approach. The shape invariance, charge conjugation and other properties of supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics for our equation are discussed. We investigate the dynamical symmetry into definite group. We also obtain the Casimir operator and thermodynamics properties of harmonic oscillator in Anti de sitter space. We have discussed the corresponding algebra for the N=2 Supersymmetry. The energy spectrum of the harmonic oscillator is similar to the flat space but the constant terms of it are different, This constant terms depends to the geometrical parameter of the background. Finally we have obtained the various thermodynamics quantity of the system.