Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter 2018 
1. Wettability of boron monolayer using molecular dynamics simulation method

Pages 1-7

Soghra Mohammadzadeh; Nader Malih; Jamal Davoodi

3. First day-time seeing observations at the Observatory of University of Zanjan in Iran

Pages 21-32

Pardis Ahmadi; Neda Dadashi; Hossein Safari; Ahmad Darudi

5. Slip distribution of the 2010 August 27 Mw 5.8 Kuh-Zar earthquake from finite-fault modeling

Pages 41-49

Sonia Bazargan; Nazila Asaadi; Zaher Hossein Shomali; Mehdi Rezapour

6. Magnetic field effects in the initial collapse of polytropic clouds

Pages 51-62

Seyed Bagher Ebrahimian Jelodar; Motahareh Mohammadpour