Radio Ground Footprints of Extensive Air Showers at the Location of the SURA Experiment

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty of physics, Semnan University,Semnan,Iran

2 Faculty of Physics ,Semnan University, Semnan, Iran



Radio stations can record di erent values of the electric eld strength
from an extensive air shower induced by a cosmic ray. It is possible to derive the
ground footprint of a cosmic ray using the calculated electric eld strength recorded
by a proper set of radio antennas in a speci c frequency range. In this study and
based on computer simulations we investigate the properties of the ground foot-prints
of vertical and inclined cosmic rays propagating in a location of a new cosmic ray
radio experiment in the Middle East. Semnan University Radio Array is a new radio
detection site that aims to detect ultra-high energy cosmic rays. We investigate the
e ect of the zenith angle of a cosmic ray on the illuminated area as a result of radio
emission from an extensive air shower development. The maximum possible spacing
between radio antennas in order to be able to detect coincident events for both vertical
and inclined cosmic rays at the location of this new experiment is also discussed.